Email list of builders/realtors for building opportunities

Email list for builders/realtors to be notified for building opportunities and/or site locators
Steve Ambrosius
Bayland Buildings, Inc.
Michael Cashman
Bayland Buildings, Inc.
Vice President Sales
John Lindberg
Bayland Buildings, Inc.
Director Commercial Business Development
Mark Nysted
Keller, Inc.
Lindsay Wiese
Keller, Inc.
Director of Marketing
Deb Barlament
Alliance Construction & Design, Inc
Vice President of Operations
Rebecca Schoen
Keller, Inc.
Colleen Daul
Keller, Inc.
Marketing Coordinator
Jesse Hall
Keller, Inc.
Design/Project Management
Jeff Kanzelberger
Performa, Inc.
Pete Hein
Wm. A Hein Construction Co., Inc.
Brian Beth
Performa, Inc.
Brian Netzel
Performa, Inc.
Michael Lefebvre
Graef-USA Inc.
Vice-President/Green Bay Office Manager
Robert Schmidt
Graef-USA Inc.
Andrew and Bertha Judith Baranowski
Superior Janitorial Services LLC
Robert McCarthy
Accurate InTel
Technical Software and Web Executive with twelve years of technical industry experience. Born problem solver who places priority on effective and budget conscious business solutions. I am so passionate about what I do, that it was the only decision to start my Accurate InTel. In my free time, I love dining out at fine restaurants and amazing holes in the wall. Wherever the food is great. I am a wine enthusiast. I live with my partner of 12 years and baby boy Boxer, Tater in Green Bay (I wish I could add a picture here). We are also traveling more. If you have any stories or places you love to visit, please let me know. I enjoy people and only look to do good. I am a true servant leader.
David Ferguson
IKOR Life Care Management for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
Owner/Managing Director
I'm a physician, Certified Senior Advisor and Owner of Ikor - Life Care Management Services. From personal experience, I understand how challenging it can be helping a parent or family member navigate the health care system. In addition, there are so many other things to take care of that have a significant impact on their overall health and wellness.  We are there to support individuals and families to ensure they receive the care they need as we work to resolve their challenges.
Elizabeth Eberius
Orthopedic Alternatives LLC
Owner and Acupuncturist
Cynthia Hansen
Ansay & Associates LLC
Account Manager