Dam Safety Awareness Week

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April 06, 2015
April 5-11 is Dam Safety Awareness Week. 
Be Aware Near Dams!
Wisconsin Public Service reminds everyone to use caution when recreating near hydroelectric dams this spring.  Thin ice, high water flow, cold water temperatures, debris in the water and unpredictable weather can make activities on the flowages and rivers hazardous.  While dams are vital to our electric supply, these facilities can be dangerous to unwary visitors.  Please treat dams and surrounding areas with respect and always exercise caution.
·         Don’t go in or near the waters immediately above or below the dams.  Strong, unpredictable currents may not be visible on the water’s surface.
·         Pay attention to the warning signs, buoys and barriers WPS has installed, and stay a safe distance away.
·         Avoid spillways that can suddenly and unexpectedly discharge large amounts of water.