The Superintendent is responsible for, although not limited to: scheduling, workforce planning, coordinating, supervising, assisting in cost control and ensuring the safety, consistent and fair application of all policies and procedures, proper apprentice training and productivity of all crews at the worksite.
Leadership and Supervision

  • Ordering manpower and assigning crew tasks as required.
  • Assess competency and capability of tradespersons, crew to meet required quality.
  • Regularly communicating jobsite progress and happenings
  • Supporting job training for apprentices and facilitating mentoring of apprentices
  • Recognizing, addressing and resolving issues/problems among/between crew(s).
  • Setting and maintaining work standards and outlining behavioral expectations
  • Ensuring crew compliance with all project policies and procedures.
  • Applying the company’s corrective action policy where applicable.
  • Mentoring foremen, carpenters, laborers and apprentices.
Planning and Scheduling: 
  • Identifying and/or verifying that the field installation work
  • Identifying needs and deficiencies in the look ahead plan/schedule
  • In-depth involvement in the development, monitoring and managing of the job planners/pull schedules.
  • Reviewing and adjusting specific workplace activities to meet schedules.
  • Working closing with the crews to overcome work challenges.
  • Identifying, verifying and reporting any scheduling conflicts
Quality Control
  • Overseeing the execution of the work by all crew members and subcontractors
  • Reviewing inspection reports and coordinating resolutions to deficiencies
  • Ensuring that every job project task is fully completed in a timely manner to standard.
  • Knowing and clearly understanding the requirements of and liabilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Knowing, understanding, communicating and ensuring compliance with safety regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Identifying needs for crew safety training and facilitating delivery of some of the training.
  • Training of crew in the safe operation of equipment and tools in job techniques and skills.
  • Participation in, facilitation of, and monitoring of the “safety tool box meetings.”
  • Helping to expedite answers to any technical safety questions.
  • Participating in, facilitation of, safety/incident investigations and reviews.
  • Ensuring timely responses, actions and corrections to any safety issues.
  • Ensuring daily logs and planners are maintained.
  • Preparing and maintaining 2-week look-ahead schedules with tools, equipment, material and labor needed.
  • Preparing and updating 2-month job planners.
  • Reporting on crew production, work progress and changes.
  • Approving material requisitions to address any deficiencies.
  • Completing quality control reports when required.
  • Completing required information or data.
  • Entering time daily and accurately in hh2 time system.
  • Reading and responding (when necessary) to email messages daily.
  • Always take responsibility for the care and use of all company-owned equipment
  • Represent the Company in a professional manner
  • Participate in company training programs
  • Perform any special assignments or projects as requested by a Senior Superintendent, the Field Training Supervisor, a Project Manager, or other members of management.
  • Project construction scope, job estimates, contracts, labor needs and objectives.
  • Company and project safety programs and objectives.
  • Company and project / owner policies, procedures and programs.
  • OSHA policies and procedures.
  • Workers’ Compensation reporting time frames and responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of all trades and building codes.
  • Significant demonstrated knowledge of scheduling and planning.
  • Good demonstrated knowledge of administrative tools and systems.
  • Interpret and work from instructions,
  • Form and implement workforce crew plans and schedules.
  • Organize and delegate work effectively and efficiently.
  • Effectively run a meeting with small to medium size groups
  • Effectively use time management and goal setting practices.
  • Climb to heights of up to 35+ ft. and lift up to 100+ lbs.
Demonstrates that they:
  • Accept that a diverse workplace is the workplace of the future.
  • Understand Lean principles and processes
  • Understands Continuous Improvement tools and processes
  • Holds a current Standard First Aid certificate.
  • Holds all required OSHA training and equipment use certifications.
Education and experience qualifications:
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • 7+ years construction experience
  • 1-2 years in a lead/foreman role managing small projects

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